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A Partnership for Diamond

Last month, in the sweltering heat, Gwendolyn’s Wish partnered with Ring Dog Rescue to assist a Williamsburg 11252406_972539186101513_6951387019312216648_ncommunity member and his dog, Diamond, by providing shade coverage and an extension to Diamond’s previous dog pen – ultimately doubling the space she had to roam.

This work could not happen without coming together as a community, setting aside judgements, having open minds and a sense of working together for the betterment of individuals and the pets that they love.

When you make a donation toward Bungles’ campaign to repair his knee, not only will your gift be matched by a generous donor, it will allow Gwendolyn’s Wish to help more dogs like Bungles and Diamond. To donate and share his story CLICK HERE—> ‪#‎doubledownforbungles‬

Finding Inspiration in Durham NC

In May, co-founders Teri Parkhouse and Peggy Scholley traveled to Durham, NC to learn more about the good work Coalition Unchain Dogs does for their people and their pets.  Here is what Peggy had to say when recapping their visit:

“On day one, Teri and I ride along as Lori Hensley and Amanda 11751428_968975146457917_5583685104511046790_nArrington cruise one of the poorest neighborhoods in Durham. When residents see the Coalition truck, they smile and wave. At a corner, a young man is excited to see the “dog people” because he needs his dog spayed. We meet Pretty Girl — a sweet “neighborhood” dog who sleeps in a crate on one neighbor’s porch, is fed by another neighbor, and hangs out during the day with a third. Lori and Amanda check on dogs they’ve built fences for, give parvo shots to puppies, pass out food, and persuade a woman to get her two dogs fixed — and that’s just a few of our stops.

Day two, we gear up in leather gloves and sturdy clothes to help build a dog fence. Coalition volunteers, sharing jokes of past builds, show us how to put up chain link and install anti-digging wire mesh. Volunteers take breaks to pet Precious, the big friendly brindle who will soon be off a cable. Amanda sits on the back steps and grooms the family’s little fluffy dog as the kids watch. But the highlight — watching Precious get untethered and moved into her spacious digs complete with a carpet of straw and a new doghouse.

What else did we learn? That treating people with courtesy and respect is easy and builds trust; that making assumptions and judgments about pet owners gets you nowhere; and that the majority of people, even when they have next to nothing, love their dogs and want to do right by them.”

We share this story to give our audience an idea of the type of work Gwendolyn’s Wish intends to bring to the greater Williamsburg community. Please join us by making a donation today.  The smallest gift is doubled, thanks to a generous donor.  Join us and #doubledownforbungles.  To read and share his story CLICK HERE –>



The Story of Bungles

Once Upon a Time . . .

. . .  a big hunk of doggie love was found stray in the Williamsburg area. Dubbed Bungles, he quickly became a shelter staff and volunteer favorite due to his friendly, laid back personality. Soon after, he got adopted and embarked on a new lifBungles close upe.

Fast forward three years and Bungles landed back at the shelter, through no fault of his own. His local fan club found him a spot with a Williamsburg-based Ring Dog Rescue foster and everyone knew this charming boy would find a new home quickly.

The Plot Thickens . . .

Shortly after scoring his ‘hall-pass’ into foster care, Bungles began limping form a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his rear knee. We knew that expensive surgery would be a major obstacle for many potential adopters.

Gwendolyn’s Wish to the Rescue . . .

So all of at Gwendolyn’s Wish — because we have a mad crush on the big lug! — aBungles lap dogre committed to getting Bungles back on track to a forever home. Gwendolyn’s Wish has launched a campaign to raise $5,000 to cover Bungles’ knee surgery and provide assistance to other pets in need like Bungles. Click here to learn more

To sweeten the deal, a very generous donor will match up to $5,000 in donations, dBungles & Wolfollar for dollar. Your $25 gift turns into $50, your $50 gift turns into $100, your $100 gift turns into $200, and so on.

Please join us and become a part of the Bungles story!