A Partnership for Diamond

Last month, in the sweltering heat, Gwendolyn’s Wish partnered with Ring Dog Rescue to assist a Williamsburg 11252406_972539186101513_6951387019312216648_ncommunity member and his dog, Diamond, by providing shade coverage and an extension to Diamond’s previous dog pen – ultimately doubling the space she had to roam.

This work could not happen without coming together as a community, setting aside judgements, having open minds and a sense of working together for the betterment of individuals and the pets that they love.

When you make a donation toward Bungles’ campaign to repair his knee, not only will your gift be matched by a generous donor, it will allow Gwendolyn’s Wish to help more dogs like Bungles and Diamond. To donate and share his story CLICK HERE—> bit.ly/bunglesknee ‪#‎doubledownforbungles‬