What We Do

Gwendolyn’s Wish helps pet owners who need financial assistance and reside in the following areas: City of Williamsburg, James City County, upper York County and eastern New Kent County.

Basic Veterinary Care

We will cover the cost of a veterinary exam and standard vaccines for dogs or cats.

Spay or Neuter Surgery

We will cover the cost of a spay or neuter surgery.

Medical Treatment

For other veterinary care needed, we evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis. Cost is a significant factor in our decision. We also take into consideration the age of the pet and the prognosis for recovery.

We must approve financial assistance BEFORE you take your pet to a vet clinic. We will contact the vet practice directly to confirm how much assistance we will be providing. All payments for services are made directly to the veterinary clinic. We will NOT pay for surgeries or treatments that have already occurred without our prior involvement.


The owner is responsible for arranging transportation to and from the vet clinic. If you don’t have a car, please contact friends or family or try Uber (some Uber drivers will allow pets).

For assistance, call 757-585-0777 or email us at info@gwendolynwish.org